RiaMaria Software Engineer

Full stack developer turned security engineer.

I’ve done APIs, worked with a monolith, microservices, and in between. Worked with payment gateways and implemented/maintained a subscription system.

I also have experience with PCI compliance. I’ve worked in both nuclear and larger teams with different departments interacting with each other. I’ve also done solo projects as well. However, I prefer incorporating my work with interactions with other stakeholders and close collaboration.

I love what I’m doing right now, and I’m continuing my journey towards success.


PCI DSS, Information Security

API Development, Web Applications

Psychology, Behavioral Economics

Git, OOP, Scrum

Herding Cats

Currently At


as a

Senior Secure Application Engineer

since 2015

Talk to Me

Feel free to contact me for speaking opportunities, sharing notes, so we can learn from each other, etc.

I’m currently located in San Francisco, CA.

Kindly take note that I’m not looking for new work at the moment.