Device Memory Running Low on Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2

There was a really big problem plaguing my phone the past weeks. For some reason, even if the apps installed weren’t taking up much space (a couple hundred MB at max), my device memory was running low (1.7GB out of 1.97GB). Here’s how I instantly cleaned 700MB off of it:

The Story

After some time of using Clean Master (I love this app btw) and not reclaiming any device memory from my phone, I decided to finally Google the problem which led me to this post on Android Central forums. The guy who posted this saved my life!

What he said was to dial #9900# (as a USSD/MMI code) and select the second option which says “Delete dumpstate/logcat”.

I tried dialing the code but it just kept saying “Connection problem or invalid MMI code.” After some moment of aimless googling I came across the code *#9900# so I tried it and voila, it works!

I checked my phone after deleting the dumpstate/logcat and it went down to 1GB from 1.7GB. Magic :O

How To Fix This Issue

  1. Dial #9900# or *#9900# (one or the other should work). The code is preferably dialed on the native dialer.
  2. When the menu pops up, choose the second option which says “Delete dumpstate/logcat” and then exit the menu.
  3. You may reboot your phone (but then it might be unnecessary). I did it anyway for good measure.

This was done on a Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy SII phone running stock Samsung Android v4.1.2 (Jellybean). I can’t guarantee it will work on other phones, but maybe it will :)

Comments (50)

Awesome… I had been struggling with this issue for a long time too. This solution works instantly… like MAGIC!! I too was wondering where all the system memory had gone!!?? I had been disabling apps one after the other for the last few days and everyday, the memory issue kept reappearing. Thank you for this amazing solution. Much appreciated.

Many, many thanks for this solution. I have just spent a day and a half trying to sort it out without success and several factory resets! This worked a treat.

hey Brian :) glad it helped!

Amazing. Until now the only advice I got was to root the phone but I don’t want to do that. This solution should be in the phone’s usermanual. Many thanks.

How did you solved this “Connection problem or invalid MMI code.” ?
Thanks !

Did you try both codes in step 1? One or the other should work.

Wow ! samsung should have include this in their manual. Really was at a loss for several months until your blog saved me from pathetic irritations … :)

What if i have same problem with gti9100 with android 2.3.3

Why don’t you try it? I’m not an expert on this or anything so I can’t vouch for it but I think it’s worth a try.



AAAAAAAAAAA! this is great! thank you so much for this post! M A G I C! hvala puno, Bora from Serbia

I tried that on my samsung galaxy s2 and it didnt work.Right now I dont have any downloaded apps apart from the default apps however the low memory sign keeps coming.Is there anything else I can do .

What doesn’t work? The codes (#9900# or *#9900#) or are you able to “Delete dumpstate/logcat” but the low memory warning is still popping up?

Random with MMI Issues

If you get “Invalid MMI” Start your code with a * prefix e.g. *#9900# and it should work for ya.

Thank you.
Worked perfectly

After being on the verge of replacing my almost useless S2 due to permanent lack of memory, I came across your tip – very different from the rest of the pack – and it was spot-on: the asterisk version worked like a charm and I no longer need to downgrade to S3 or some other expensive & unstable successor.
Thank you for the hint, keep up the good work.

You’re welcome! Glad it worked for you. I was actually facing the same dilemma back then before I solved it (via tons of research) and wrote this article.

Thanks a bundle! So easy … after all this looking around, installing of dubious (with rights to your entire phone), or special hardcore tech installs on a usb-linked computer.
We just dial a number … and it works! :)

whoa!! thanx so much friend!! i finally freed some of my memory device space~~~~ *emotional* i got from 500mb free to 0.9gb free space wow~~~ ohsem~~

I tried this but unfortunately my option 2 says run not delete (there aren’t any that says delete). I did try the run dump…. but it didn’t do anything :(

what’s your phone and what’s it running on? :(

i have samung infuse i 997 ..dail and done as per clear the 2 optoin but still showing the same ” internal phone storage is getting low “””

Dear Maria, thank you sooooo much. Have struggled with this for months, having to use a workaround by forcing apps to stop to allow updates. You are an absolute legend. Love your work. thank you thank you thank you

#9900# is not working so i dialled *#9900# for my s4 mini..the model should be i9190… what should i do? my internal storage is still remain unchanged

I can’t say for sure, but if your phone is not unlocked or is tied to specific carrier (i.e. T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc) then they might have disabled the USSD code for SysDump. If that’s the case, you’ll have to check with your mobile carrier for a list of USSD codes you can use. Unfortunately, you cannot perform this fix if they disabled SysDump on your phone.

hhey i have At&T Unlocked phone samsung infuse 4G I 997… but 3G is not working as only able to use 2g Services… some time once i restart phoen getting H symbol with internte but then running on 2 G only..

I have a Galaxy SII GT 19100. The “*#9900#” is what worked for my phone. It didn’t give m e the option to “delete dumpstate/logcat” instead I got the option to “run dumpstate/logcat”. Will this work the same?

No it won’t be the same.

If you don’t have that option, then I’m afraid you’ll really have to contact your phone’s tech support. I have a strong feeling your phone is locked to a carrier that’s why deleting logs is disabled.

Hi congratulations I think you should have the top job with Samsung solving memory problems with the the Samsung Galaxy S2 You solved my problem instantly BUT I have to do it meybe weekly, last night before going to bed the phone had 700mb this morning only 15mb so hoping you can help me with this annoying problem.
Regards from Aus

Sorry I don’t work at Samsung nor do I repair cellphones for a living. I’m not sure how to solve your problem. If your phone is getting really problematic you should get it fixed at a shop or maybe buy a new phone if it can’t be helped anymore. I personally got a new phone recently.

Thanks I nearly purchased a new phone many thanks for the tip phone works well now

you said that there is the option “Delete dumpstate/logcat”
but i got the second option is name with “Run dumpstate/logcat” and this was not working
i took the hard reset option but no Sucess
im realy confused how to fix the problem plz help me out guys :-/

If you don’t have delete dumpstate/logcat as an option, then you might have to contact your mobile carrier/network provider (if they gave you the phone) or a service center.

Saviour of the day !
Thank you.

I just did that with my S2 and nothing change, i have not apps downloaded just the ones come with the phone and say only have 70mb free… i dont know what to do -_- you have any cluse what to do ? :(

Nope sorry, maybe you have too many photos/videos/downloaded files or something. I have a new phone now so yeah, if it doesn’t work still you should get customer service to look at that or get a new phone.

Magic……. did the work……… freed more than 700+ MB

I’m not real good at this computer stuff where exactly should I enter the code

Brilliant. ..simply brilliant.

Francis Christian

Nice works. Many thanks

This is a very good soluiton on Samsung SII 19100. It works instantly.Thanks a lot.

I was having a lot of trouble upgrading whatsApp and couldn’t access my contacts without the new version. Tried deleting as much as I could to free up more memory then found this advice and it was amazing! So easy. Thank you

Fantastic, thank you. Was ready to bin the phone as I couldn’t get to the bottom of the issue, even though there was 7GB free on the phone.

I’ve gone from 105MB free to 1,19GB free!!!!

Many thanks for a great fix. worked instantly. can now install new apps. Anything else on this screen useful?

From nothing to 1.32 GB without any invasive messing, brilliant!

thanks bro it work’s.

WOW! Thanks a lot. I am one of those people who do not change mobile so often. I bought my SG2 in 2012 and it is still going strong. Only problem was the device memory. I didn’t know what to do and so used to factory reset the phone regularly to get memory back.


Thanks once again.

S Ramachandran, India.

santosh pradhan

It just worked like magic for my S2. Thanks much !

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